Ok, so perhaps it’s a bit early to get your glad rags down to the dry cleaners, but it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about the company Christmas party.

If you want to be able to choose the best venue, book the best entertainment and ensure you have the best bash, you need to plan it now! And the good news? We can help! At JP Events, we love a party and have arranged some amazing Christmas festivities over the years.
Themed Christmas parties

We particularly love a good theme, from Harry Potter to the Nutcracker, we’ve done most of them! It’s a brilliant way to add some glamour and get people talking – a great icebreaker if you’ve got a big group. What’s new for 2018? Dare we suggest a Football party for the year of the World Cup? Perhaps only if one of the home nations win!

Best Parties Ever
So who’s done it right and who’s done it wrong over the years? Business Insider featured a hilarious article on the funniest office party stories just before last Christmas – read it here and take heed! Or what about the UK based MD of Salad who took her employees a bit further than the local pub and hosted their party in Madrid! If you need to engage people, check out Pinterest for party game ideas, and prepare yourself with these brilliant responses to the most annoying party questions!

Christmas with JP Events
This year, we’ve got some really exciting packages lined up with our preferred venues. Halle St Peters, Church, Leeds and the Lowry Museum are just a few of the amazing spaces we can book for you, or have a look at our dedicated Christmas party webpage [link to page] for more ideas. Keep an eye on this blog or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter [links to social media] to hear the latest, and give us a call to chat about the options for making 2018 the best Christmas yet!